Thursday, January 12, 2023

Five all-weather trails to enjoy when the foothills trails are muddy in Boise

Steve on top of the Bruneau Dunes. The state park is south of Mountain Home. 

Hi all, 

You've seen those horrible pics from Ridge to Rivers about people mucking up the trails and causing lasting damage! 

Sometimes I wonder if people are doing that on purpose, or if they just don't know there are alternative places to go walking, running or biking in the winter. 

When you see conditions
like this, turn around and 
head for an all-weather trail. 

Ridge to Rivers has a list of all-season trails that you can consult at times like this. 
All-weather trails have extra sand and gravel on the surface to absorb moisture and provide a pretty bomb-proof compacted surface. 

The weather this weekend will be on the warm side for mid-January, with a high of 49 degrees on Friday, 52 degrees Saturday, and 47 degrees Sunday. There's a chance of rain each day. 

So the lower R2R Trails are going to be muddy and best left alone! 

Here are some alternatives where you can go on a walk and not worry about causing damage on a muddy trail. You can enjoy yourself GUILT-FREE!

1. Boise River Greenbelt - Pick a loop walk/ride or an out-and-back and enjoy the views of the Boise River while you get some fresh air on a paved trail. Pick a part of the Greenbelt that may you haven't visited before! 

2. Eagle Greenbelt Loop - Do a loop walk/ride starting from Bardenay on the west end of the Eagle Greenbelt and go east three miles to the pedestrian bridge, cross the bridge and circle back around to the start. You'll have to walk/ride along Eagle Road to connect to the north channel greenbelt to finish the loop. There's an ample shoulder and places to avoid traffic.

Watch for bald eagles when you're walking/riding along the Boise River.  

3. Eagle Island State Park - There are trails along both channels of the Boise River in Eagle Island State Park that have suitable sandy/rocky surface for walking. People ride horseback out there too. 

4. Harrison Hollow All-Weather Trail in Boise Foothills - It's a short out-and-back hike but a very pleasant one on the Harrison Hollow All-Weather Trail. One mile out to the end of the all-weather section in the bottom of the gulch; one mile back. Park at the trailhead near Highlands Hollow Restaurant. 

5. Bruneau Dunes State Park - Climb to the top of Bruneau Dunes and enjoy a big view of the Snake River Plain.   

Have fun! 
- SS 

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