Friday, April 10, 2020

Hike/bike/run close to home; follow social-distancing guidelines - your future access depends on it!

All I saw on the Broken Horn Trail #12 yesterday was a small group of cows. Try more far-flung trails to find more personal space on the trails during the COVID-19 outbreak. See more tips below.
Hi all,

These are difficult and challenging times in many ways for the people of Idaho during the governor's Stay-at-Home order, and increasing restrictions on where people can go outdoors to get a breath of fresh air, enjoy some Vitamin D from the sunshine and get out of the house!

Let's keep working on flattening the curve! The Stay-at-Home strategy is working!
The City of Boise Parks & Recreation Department has people watching the Greenbelt and foothills trailheads to see how people are doing maintaining at least 6 feet of space between people when they are out recreating on the trails. We really have to pay attention to these guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or we could see more restrictions and closures occur.

The Boise Parks & Recreation closed all tennis and basketball courts this week to prevent the spread of the virus.

Some tips to remember:
  • If you have cold/flu symptoms stay home! 
  • Go hiking/biking/running close to home. 
  • Walk from home to trailheads nearby to leave more space for people to park. 
  • Bike from home. 
  • Go out early in the morning or later in the evening ... less-popular times to do an outing. 
  • Do a road bike ride/loop from home ... Road-biking is a good choice for social distancing ... 
    • Cartwright Road Loop is a good one
    • Lonely road out to Swan Falls from Kuna
    • Pleasant Valley Road out to Tenmile to South Cole to Kuna-Mora Road 
    • Boise Road Cycling Guide has over 30 rides to consider ... 
Looking back at the route to Mt. Kepros in the Boise River WMA. Trailhead is on Black's Creek Road.
Less-popular hiking areas to consider:
  • Mt. Kepros, part of the Boise Grand Slam, starting from the first summit on Black's Creek Road. Mt. Cervidae is another good one.
  • Mud Flat Road/Owyhee Backcountry Byway ... go for a scenic drive and hike from there. The Oolite BLM interpretive trail is a cool spot for adults and kids on the way south from Grand View. 
  • Far-flung trails in the Ridge to Rivers system. Try something new and different. Avoid Camelsback Park.
  • Boot hikes on snow on the Deer Point Service Road or Eastside toward Stack Rock. 
  • Backcountry skiing/snowshoeing at Bogus Basin. 
  • State Parks are open for day use ... 
Less-popular mountain biking areas to consider:
  • Far-flung trails at Avimor such as Broken Horn Trail.  
  • Ride more difficult trails in the Boise Foothills such as Hard Guy, Scott's, 8th Street, Rocky Canyon Road, Watchman or Council Springs near Harris Ranch to find more personal space.
All state parks are open for day use ...

Let's all do our part to maintain proper social distancing so we can keep our outdoor opportunities open and available during this difficult time. Thanks!
- SS 


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