Thursday, December 13, 2018

Staying in an Idaho backcountry yurt is a great way to enhance your winter fun

Here's Quinn at the top of the ridge next to Stargaze Yurt, ready to make some turns! 
My son Quinn at the Stargaze Yurt ... plenty of snow! 

Hi all,

My outdoor tip of the week was printed in the Idaho Press outdoor page this week.

All about renting a backcountry yurt in Idaho to maximize on winter fun ...

Click on the link to read all about it. The yurt roundup includes where you can rent yurts and huts in Idaho. Pull together some friends and find some dates to do a yurt trip together!

BTW, there is more than 30 inches of snow at the Idaho City Park and Ski Areas, northeast of Idaho City, and the xc trails will be groomed this weekend. Have fun!
- SS