Thursday, November 2, 2017

Find a killer deal at BBSEF Ski Swap Friday! Vote Yes! for Boise Open Space Tuesday

Hi all,

It's time to gear up for winter! Multiple storm tracks are heading our way according to local reports. I heard Scott Dorval, meteorologist for KIVI-TV, predict that we could receive 2-4 FEET of snow in the Central Mountains the next 10-14 days. Oh baby! Here comes winter! Like it or not!

Especially following such an epic winter from last year, it seems easy to get my juices flowing in anticipation of another banner powder skiing season. I can easily recall so many days of my face hurting from wind and snow coming down like bonkers, and fair weather days too! But I enjoyed the hell out of the whole experience, while carving turns in the luscious powder on my Rossignol Super 7's. Those skis make me feel like a hero!

Just in time, as we're getting stoked about winter, the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation Ski Swap is opening on Friday at 3 p.m. and running through Sunday at 3 p.m. Get there Friday afternoon to find the best deals, but rest assured that there are a TON of skis, ski boots, and snowboards to choose from at the swap, not to mention tons of other winter gear like ski poles, snow boots, coats, gloves, mittens, ski suits, on and on! Used backcountry skis and Nordic stuff are usually in the shortest supply, so it's especially important to get there early if you're interested in that gear.

Personally, I'm hunting for more Rossi Super 7's or Soul 7's if I can find any on the rack ... also like to get a new pair of backcountry ski boots. I also could use a new/used pair of Nordic skate skiing boots.

Good luck finding what you need!

My second topic this week is to encourage Boise residents to vote for the Open Space and Clean Water levy in the Boise City Election on Tuesday, Nov. 7. You might wonder, why do I need to vote for a levy I already voted for two years ago?

Yes. Good question. Voters approved the $10 million levy in 2015 by a 75% vote. But due to a clerical error, Ada County didn't assess the tax. The mistake had something to do with the city filling out a form improperly, but the City Council has put controls in place to make sure the form will be filled out correctly next time. Plus, let's hope someone picks up the phone and double-checks that all is good with the Ada County Assessor's office before the tax year begins ...

So the actual ballot measure reads like thus (from Ada County Elections sample ballot): 

On November 3, 2015, Boise City voters approved a temporary override levy with 74% of the vote to protect clean water and drinking water, wildlife habitat, critical open space, and native plant species, and enhance recreation opportunities and trails through the purchase of property and improvement projects in areas such as the Boise Foothills and the Boise River. Due to a clerical error, the approved levy was not assessed in the first fiscal year. To ensure that the will of the voters is preserved, shall the City of Boise, Idaho be authorized to revise the assessment period of the previously-approved temporary override levy to the two fiscal years beginning October 1, 2017 and ending September 30, 2019? If approved the final total amount collected through this override levy will remain equal to ten million dollars, as was originally approved by voters in 2015. None of the money will be spent on administrative costs and there will be oversight by a citizens' advisory committee and annual audit.

Please vote Yes! for Open Space and Clean Water. The existing open space account has less than $1 million remaining, so a fresh dose of dollars for open space is needed. Remember that in the previous go-round, the City of Boise did a stellar job of spending the first $10 million wisely, acquiring more than 10,000 acres of open space including key new trails and open space areas such as Polecat Reserve, Freddy's Stack Rock Trail, Bucktail connection to Shane's Trail in Military Reserve, Hillside to the Hollow, and much more!

We need to keep the momentum going! Vote Yes!

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