Friday, April 17, 2015

Pick up the new Boise Trail Guide to tap into 90 hiking & trail-running trips close to home!

The Station Creek hike in Garden Valley would be primo right now. 
Five Mile Creek in the East Foothills is a great trail to explore just about anytime ... 
Get the kids out hiking before they even know they're hiking ... 
Jennie Lake is one of 15 new hikes added to the book.  
Ultrarunner Dennis Ahern on the way up to Observation Peak in the Sawtooth Wilderness ... 
Hi all,

Hikers and trail-runners can rejoice in the launch of the 2nd edition of Boise Trail Guide, which has been one of my most popular books of all-time. Now it features 90 -- count 'em, 90! -- hiking and running routes close to home. Woo-hoo!

Even the fact that it's possible to feature 90 hiking/running routes in the greater Boise area shows how lucky we are to have such a huge diversity of trails and terrain that we can explore close to home, whether it's on the Boise River Greenbelt, in the Boise Foothills, the Owyhees, the Boise National Forest or Idaho State Parks.

We are BLESSED, people! I tried to maximize your enjoyment by serving up the most trails featured in a single hiking and running guide in Boise history!

The first shipment of books have arrived from the printer. Rediscovered Books, Idaho Mountain Touring, Shu's Idaho Running Company and Bandanna Running & Walking in Boise, and the Pulse Running and Fitness Shop in Meridian all have books in stock. Boise REI and Sierra Trading Post will be carrying the book in the coming days. It's also available at and at

As always, on my web site, you can buy the book in paperback ($19.95), or as a color ebook ($24.95), or you can buy individual trail descriptions and maps for 99 cents each, or for discounted prices in lots of five, 10, 25, etc. You can do this for any of my guidebooks at

For this weekend, I'd recommend:
  • All Greenbelt and Parks Trails. The new edition features 15 Greenbelt Loops and Parks Trails, showing folks how to navigate every stitch of the Greenbelt system from Eagle to Lucky Peak, including multiple loop possibilities using pedestrian and street bridges. Recently, in this blog, I've featured the Eagle Island State Park loops (5 miles) and the Marianne Williams Park - Barber Park nature trail loop
  • Nearly all 17 of the Easy Mountain Trails. These trails typically cover short distances in loops where possible without much vertical gain. They're easy trips like the Red Fox-Owl's Roost Loop out of Camelsback Park, Bruneau Dunes State Park, Jump Creek Canyon and Succor Creek State Park hikes. A few short hikes in the Idaho City Park n' Ski Areas and Crooked River are probably still snowed in. 
  • Many of the 23 Moderate Mountain Trails. These trips span from moderate hikes in the Eagle Foothills and Hidden Springs, to the Polecat Gulch loops in NW Boise, and Central Foothills favorites like the Crestline-Hulls Loop, the new Highlands-Corrals-Bob's Loop, and moderate trails at Bogus Basin and in the Boise National Forest, like the Station Creek Loop. That'd be perfect this weekend. 
  • Many of the 26 Strenuous Mountain Trails. Some of these are snowed-in still, but most would be snow-free. There are more than 20 foothills favorites in here, plus a long Hillside to the Hollow Loop, Watchman Loop, Orchard-Five Mile Loop, Around the Mountain at Bogus, Cervidae Peak, and Hike to Jennie Lake ... too early for that, though.  
  • Most of the 7 Epic Mountain Trails. The Boise Ridge Climber's Special, Stueby's Death March, Race to Robie Creek course, Homestead - Trail #8 - Trail E Loop would be all doable. You'd still run into snow in the other epics in the Sawtooth Wilderness and the Boise National Forest. 
Have a great weekend!
- SS

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