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Seize the day! Bike to Work Day incentives + volunteer work opportunities in ID Wilderness

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Hi all,

It's Boise Bike Week in case you haven't noticed, and tomorrow morning (Friday) is the official National Bike to Work Day! That means if you've ever had even slightest inclination to ride your bike to work, then by god, this is the day to do it. Get up a little earlier than normal, take your time, take care not to sweat too much on the way to work (or pack your work clothes), and you'll feel refreshed when you get to work.

More reasons to bike to work, from the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance: Number One: You're ONE LESS CAR. I love the T-shirts that say that. It's about making Boise more liveable. It's about reducing your impact on the environment. It's about sustainable living. It's about exercise, community, convenience, freedom and fun. Once you discover the many benefits of cycling, you'll wonder why you didn't start riding sooner.

Plus, there are two very cool incentives for people who Bike to Work Friday ...
  • Whole Foods Market, at the corner of Broadway, Front and Myrtle, is providing a free, hot breakfast for peeps who ride their bike to work. George's Cycles and the Boise Bicycle Project will perform free safety checks and quick tune-ups. That's a sweet gig! Hours are 6-9 a.m. Friday.
  • Boise Young Professionals and Big City Coffee  have teamed up for Bike to Work Day ... they're offering free treats and coffee to bikers while BYP members will staff the table, ready to greet you on your way to work or school. Learn more about the BYP while you're there! Hours are 7-9 a.m. Friday at Big City Coffee, 1416 W. Grove. 

And then Friday night, head over to the Riverside Hotel in Garden City for the big block party! Be sure to ride your bike to the event (bring a bike lock w/you). Live music will be playing from Hillfolk Noir and Reilly Coyote, plus the beer will be flowing, friendly vendors will be there and great prizes will be raffled off. Event runs from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Bring your friends! 

FYI: The Boise Bicycle Project is hosting a ride from BBP on Lusk Street to the block party at the Riverside Hotel via the Greenbelt. The theme is tandems and twins. Dress up with your BFF as twins and ride a tandem, then you'll really be stylin'!  

Check the Boise Bike Week events schedule to learn about the cycling events planned for Saturday, the final day of Boise Bike Week. And a big shout-out to the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance, the Boise Weekly  and all of the great organizations that sponsored events during the week. We have a great cycling community!  

Jack Van Valkenburgh (quoted below) is third from the right. 
Old stuff from a backcountry ranch was gathered up by volunteers for the pack-out .
Pack mules sure help when it comes to packing supplies in and out of the wilderness. 
The Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation is looking for volunteers to work on four project areas this summer in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. The projects involve clearing trails of downfall,  trail re-construction, building trail structures and general maintenance work. 

This is an opportunity to see and experience "the Frank" while giving back to the resource. The projects are needed and they have lasting benefits for the many people and pack stock that traverse the many trails in "the Frank." 

This is what my friend Jack Van Valkenburgh had to say about his experience. "I had a great time last summer working trail restoration on Marble Creek (in the Frank). Great people, good food, and the cooking and the heaviest supplies were handled by the backcountry horsemen. A terrific experience in beautiful country! Oh yea! 

Volunteers must provide their own transportation to the trailhead, provide their own personal backpacking equipment, and their sweat equity, and the Foundation provides all project tools, safety equipment, leadership and best of all - delicious meals cooked hot twice a day with a sack lunch for projects.

Take a look at the projects and dates below, and see if it works into your schedule. Contact Eric Melson for more information or to register for one of the trips: 

Here are the four projects: 

1. Upper Yellowjacket Reroute, building of Turnpike/Creek Crossing structure - June 19-26
Open to 6-8 Volunteers
Starting Elevation: 6000ft; Camp Elevation: 6000ft
Mileage: 2 miles to work site
Starting trailhead: Yellow Jacket Creek and FS RD 112

Meet and camp at Yellow Jacket Guard Station deep in the Salmon River Mountains (accessed up FS Road 112 from Panther Creek). Each day, hike 2 miles to the work site and perform work digging new trail and installing a 'turnpike' trail structure over a spring creek. Though this is physically demanding work, we will have time to rest, hike and enjoy the company of the group as well. Trail head camping at guard station, tent camping with access to outhouses, creek water, weekend volunteers are welcome on this project. This project is considered moderate.

2. Lookout Ridge Heavy Trail Maintenance and Reconstruction - July 20-27
Open to 6-8 Volunteers
Starting Elevation: 8500ft; Camp Elevation: 7200ft
Mileage: 4-5 miles to basecamp with the potential of up to 20 miles of travel throughout project.
Starting trailhead: Lookout Mt Ridge at Thunder Mountain

Work on a section of the 900-mile Idaho Centennial Trail, from Thunder Mountain to West Fork Rush Creek junction. This is a challenging and rewarding opportunity to help clear annual blow down, repair trail tread and drainage issues, and re-work a 100-yard section of Idaho’s historic North to South trail. Open to 6-8 volunteers with backpacking experience. Cook and pack stock provided, basecamp camping. This project is considered difficult. 

3. Little Pistol Trail Clearing and Maintenance - Aug. 3-10
Open to 6-8 Volunteers
Starting Elevation: 8900ft; Camp Elevation:  4800ft
Mileage: 7-8 miles to basecamp with the potential of up to 30 miles of travel throughout project
Starting trailhead: Pistol Lake

In the SW corner of the Frank, Little Pistol Ridge is highlighted by an impressive ridgeline and a beautiful alpine lake basin which marks our starting point. Little Pistol is in need of much care and attention with heavy log out expected, tread repair and drainage maintenance also needed. Open to 6-8 volunteers with backpacking experience, trail work experience desired.  Cook and pack stock provided, basecamp camping. This project is considered difficult.

4. Summit Trail Clearing and Maintenance - August 27th - September 3rd
Open to 2-4 Volunteers
Starting Elevation: 7200ft; Camp Elevation:  8500ft
Mileage: 5 miles to basecamp with the potential of up to 20 miles of travel throughout project
Starting Trailhead: Snowshoe Summit on FS Rd 447E

This is a “Jack and Jill of all trades” trip with the opportunity to work with a variety of tools and techniques. We will work on Summit Trail from Snowshoe Cabin to Chilcoot Pass with incredible views of the Frank Church as you work along the ridge. Open to 6-8 volunteers with backpacking experience, trail work experience desired but not required. Cook and pack stock provided, basecamp camping. This project is considered difficult.

Have fun!
- SS 

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