Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bogus Basin Contour Special

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Well, a gorgeous weekend lies ahead, with temperatures in the 80s, so it's going to be a great weekend to do almost anything outdoors. I'm recommending a 5.75-mile hike or mountain bike ride at Bogus Basin called the "Bogus Basin Contour Special." The hike is featured in the Boise Trail Guide, and the ride is in the brand new 5th edition of Mountain Biking in Boise.

You could combine the hike/ride with the annual "Star Party" at Bogus Saturday night, from 7 p.m. to midnight. Scale the mountain by day, revel in star-gazing at night.

It's a beautiful hike or ride to circumnavigate Bogus Basin, following the Deer Point Trail from the bottom of the Deer Point chairlift, and climbing ever so gently but steadily up to the saddle near the top of the Showcase Chairlift. From there, you pick up Elk Meadows Trail and follow that around the backside of Bogus to Lodge Trail, back to the Pioneer, or take a sidetrip to the top of Shafer Butte for the best view. Be sure to bring a lunch or a snack for the summit.

Lodge Trail returns to the Pioneer Lodge. Go to the left of the Morning Star chairlift and descend on Sunshine, a two-track that dissolves into a wildflower-bordered singletrack. Cruise down to the bottom of Sunshine, merge into the bottom of Shindig, and then follow the service road back to the base area.

If this ride seemed too tame, check out the freeride Eastside Trail. It's longer and much more challenging. The official trailhead is by the Nordic Lodge. Another option is to ride the Bogus Basin freeride trail, which may or may not be ready to ride right now ... - SS