Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boise Ridge Road still snow-bound

Todd post-holes in the snow

Roberto, Mark and Jim at Eagleson Summit (6,000+ feet)

Scott pushes his bike through the snow

Hi all,

Today, we did a 20+ mile mountain bike ride up Hard Guy to Eagleson Summit and then down 8th Street to Scotts, Corrals downhill, Hulls and Red Fox back to Camelsback Park. I had wondered whether the Boise Ridge Road -- the ridgetop road that connects all of the great downhill trails back into Boise -- was clear of snow. Well, it's not but it's getting close.

We were able to hike-a-bike for about 30 minutes through multiple snow banks to get from the Hard Guy upper trailhead over to 8th Street, a distance of two miles or so. The snow is still a few feet deep, and it's condensed ... so it's possible to walk on it without post-holing most of the time. Hopefully, things will melt out in the next couple weeks.

- SS