Saturday, September 20, 2008

Loon Lake video link is cool

Check out this video on You Tube about mountain biking the Loon Lake trail by Kevin Mullin of Boise. It's got great flow ... just like the ride itself.

I rode the Loon Lake loop with my friend Mike from McCall on Saturday afternoon, and it was positively sweet!

Gorgeous colors springing forth, deep reds and yellows starting to pop. Really fast after the first long climb ... can't get too out of control, tho, got to watch out for other trail users. And on the Loon Lake Trail, you WILL run into other people on the trail - hikers, backpackers, motorcycle riders, mountain bikers, horses, Boy Scouts, you name it, I've seen 'em on that trail. On Saturday, tho, just a few hikers and bikers.

Loon Lake glistened in the afternoon light, surrounded by mountain splendor. Last year's fire opened up some country, but really didn't spoil the view of the lake whatsoever ... now there's new green growth coming up under the blackened forest.

We watched for spawning salmon in the deep dark-green recesses of the Secesh River as we pedaled back to the campground/trailhead, slaloming around the rocks, roots and creek-crossings. Didn't see any fish but I know they're in there.

Topped it off with soak at Burgdorf. Yee haw.

- SS