Thursday, September 6, 2018

A great Idaho bucket list item -- Float the Salmon River from Headwaters to the Sea

Karoline Woodhead runs Big Mallard on the Main Salmon River of No Return 
Hi all,

Jeff Hennessy, one of the river guides
My outdoor tip this week is about Floating the Salmon River from Headwaters to the Sea. It's a 900-mile journey to the Pacific Ocean near Astoria, OR, and 425-mile trip from Smiley Creek Lodge to Lewiston.

Some friends of mine did the whole enchilada last summer. I wrote up their trip in an article for the Statesman Outdoors and Lewiston Tribune Outdoors.

Follow those links to read all about it! Pretty impressive! Thirty days on the river is pretty great therapy for just about anyone!

On Saturday, Wendy and I are off to ride Cycle Oregon in NE Oregon for a week of road riding with about 2,000 other roadies. Seven days and 383 miles, including some quality time in the Wallowas. Starts and finishes in Baker, OR. Should be fun! I'll tell you all about my trip after I get back ...

- SS

Hanging out in camp on a sandy beach ... one of my favorite parts of a river trip. 
Bob Beckwith, trip leader, went all the way
from Smiley Creek to the Pacific Ocean

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