Thursday, February 16, 2017

Drip drip drip snow snow snow? Go to high elevations for best skiing; or go hot springing

Big series of wet storms coming our way ... area in green is expected to get 13-28 inches of snow by Monday.
Courtesy Idaho Daily Snow Report
The Springs at Idaho City 
Bonneville Hot Springs near Lowman 
Hi all,

We've got another big burst of storms coming our way this weekend, and continuing into next week, and it's a pretty warm system, so pay attention to the snow levels to find the best skiing.

This weekend also kicks off season pass sales at Bogus Basin, Brundage Mountain, Tamarack and Soldier Mountain. See their web sites for details. But this is the time to plunk down the bucks to buy a discounted season pass for next year, and you can use the pass for the remainder of this season as well. Good thing to do to support your favorite ski areas into the future.

As I drill down on snow levels, it may be a bit soggy at times at Bogus Basin, which will be on the cusp of rain and snow, according to the National Weather Service. At least it's going to freeze on Saturday night and Sunday night, so that should bode well for the following mornings on this long weekend. Watch the Bogus Basin web cams for the latest.

The situation at Brundage Mountain looks to be slightly better because it will freeze at night, every night, in the coming days, and snow during the day. According to the Idaho Daily Snow Report, put together by a skier who's also a professional meteorologist, she's predicting 13-28 inches of new snow by Monday in the West Central Mountains. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing might be good, too, especially in the mornings.

The upper chairlift at Tamarack will be good because it services the top 1,000 feet of the mountain, and that should be above the snow line. Same goes with skiing Sun Valley ... the top chairlifts will be in the snow zone and the bottom chairs may not be ... at least in the afternoons.

In Stanley, they're hosting the Sawtooth Winter Fest on Friday-Sunday, but the main event is on Saturday with a long calendar of activities, including a snow bike race, ice skating, street party, live music, three-legged races and all kinds of fun stuff. Unfortunately, highway Idaho 21 is closed due to avalanches, so you'll need to get there via Sun Valley if you decide to go.

Meanwhile, it's going to be rainy all weekend in Boise, so if you don't want to go play in the snow, maybe you could take an umbrella hike on the Greenbelt (foothills trails are very muddy; please stay off  of them), or go for a road trip and go visit your favorite hot springs. Maybe you'll decide to do a movie marathon at home. Go ice skating at Idaho Ice World. Catch up on the laundry ... who knows?

Some hot springs suggestions include:

  • The Springs in Idaho City - Hang out in the pool and order drinks and food with the pool-side service. Fun place to go! Be sure to call ahead and make advance reservations. 
  • Gold Fork Hot Springs south of Donnelly - Beautiful pools, reasonable price, but it can get crowded in the tiny changing rooms when it's busy. 
  • Thousand Springs Resort, Miracle or Banbury Hot Springs near Hagerman. All great places to take the kids and family. Private pools available. 
  • Primitive hot springs like Skinny Dipper, Kirkham or Bonneville Hot Springs near Garden Valley and Lowman. See the Idaho Hot Springs web site for details. 
  • Givens Hot Springs near Marsing. I've heard mixed reviews about this commercial hot springs, but you be the judge. 
Have a nice long weekend!
- SS 

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Tom said...

Just thought I would mention that Skinny Dipper HS is closed and you are likely to get a hefty fine if you get caught there (not sure any pools exist anyway). Also, the Pine Flats area is closed because of the fire so that makes the hot spring there very difficult to get to. Until the trees are cleaned out, no access is available.