Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Great weather coming up Saturday for 7th annual Weiser River Trail Bike Ride; Go for it!

The old RR trestles have been planked and ride smooth thanks to WRT volunteers 
Upper Weiser River 
Ann Allyn on the trail ... 
Near the Evergreen sawmill 
Downhill grade through the forest. Fun!  
Hi all,

The 7th annual Weiser River Trail Bike Ride is coming up on Saturday, and the weather should be excellent for the ride. If you've ever wanted to explore the Weiser River Trail, this is a perfect opportunity to check out the rail-trail.

The ride on Saturday will cover 28 miles on the upper section of the trail, which is one of the best sections of the 85-mile trail, in my opinion. I like the top end of the trail because you're riding mostly downhill through the headwaters of the Weiser River, and the trail winds along the rushing river and beautiful scenery in the forest before the trail emerges in lower country near Council.

I asked Irene Saphra of New Meadows what she likes about the upper section of the WRT. And she made a Top 10 list!

1)  It's cooler and shadier (for the first 18 miles). Goes through the only real "forested" section of the trail.
2)  Has more awesome wooden trestle crossings than any other portion 85-mile trail.
3)  Goes underneath the "iconic" Highway 95 Bridge, one of the most-photographed landmarks along the trail.
4)  Lots of opportunities to view wildlife, including deer, bear and waterfowl. 
5)  First 18 miles are never far from the clear sparkling head waters of the Weiser River.
6)  In the fall, there are numerous wild apple trees within a hand's reach.
7)  Evergreen campground is a refreshing picnic/rest stop.

8)  Last 10 miles provide open vistas of the Council Valley from ranches to snow-capped peaks.
9)  Mostly downhill.
10)  Ending point in Council has numerous opportunities for ice-cream or other "cold refreshment" after completing your ride on a warm day!

To sign up for the ride, register on this web site. Meeting place on Saturday is at 9 a.m. at the Council Trailhead, on Hornet Creek Road, just west of the Council town center. Riders coming from McCall can meet at the northern trailhead of the WRT just west of New Meadows.

What kind of bike is best? The trail is hard-packed dirt/gravel surface. I'd recommend a mountain bike or a cross bike. Road bikes with super skinny tires would not be the best. Helmets are required to participate in the ride.

The registration fee costs $40, which includes a T-shirt and lunch. Proceeds from the ride will go to support the Friends of the Weiser River Trail. Are you a member yet? It's a good idea to become a member to support the WRT. I've always felt like that volunteers managing the trail do an excellent job!

Another friend, Ann Gauss Allyn just rode the upper 40 miles of the Weiser River Trail several weeks ago. This is what she had to say about her experience: 

"The Weiser River Trail is awesome and has something for everyone," Allyn said. "You can stroll at at an easy pace and enjoy the scenery. I loved the variation in the scenery - canyons along the way, farm land and forest. This is a wonderful ride for all abilities."

For more information, contact Ed Allen, ride coordinator, 

BTW, there is a mile-by-mile guide to the WRT in my guide, Mountain Biking in McCall. It's getting hot, summer is kicking in, and it's time to ride the trails in McCall. My book has all of the key rides in the McCall area, plus the WRT, rides around the city of Cascade, and 40 rides overall. It's available on my web site, many bike shops in Boise, plus Gravity Sports, Hometown Sports, the Hub, and Shore Lodge in McCall, plus Wheeler Drug and Cascade Gear & Grind in Cascade.  
Don't forget about the North Fork Championships this week on the North Fork of the Payette River! There are events going on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. See the event web site for more information. Should be really fun to watch! 
Save the date: On June 22, SWIMBA will be hosting the Trail Rendezvous, a fund-raising event to cross the finish line on their quest to purchase a singletrack trail-cutting machine, the ST 101. Sockeye Brewery has made a special beer, Trail Digger, for the occasion and they've donated 15 kegs for the event! There will be food, beer, fun, trail riding and music! Stay tuned!   

I'm heading off for the Main Salmon River - River of No Return for a week of vacation on Sunday, so there will be no outdoor tip from me next Friday. See you soon! 
- SS  

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Pam McKnight said...

We rode the entire trail in April on our Tandem and had a great time!